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Service Truck Will Loss of Revenue 50 %

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Goods transport entrepreneurs terancaam lost revenue by 50 % due to the ban on longer operation compared to last year .
Vice Chairman of the malaysia Employers Association Trucks ( Aptrindo ) Purnoto Sugi said the ban that started on the H — 5 and H + 3 was effectively a two-​week transport of goods is not operational.

He mentioned that since Sunday ( 12/​05/​2016 ) , the transportation of goods that are inactive operations was 95 % . The rest is freight allowed to pass as trucks carrying basic commodities and gas and LPG .

Burdensome and does not think the government , the transport business after Lebaran finished in 25th position , well, that position until 31 shall bear the cost of employee salaries, he explained , Tuesday ( 05/​14/​2016 ) .

Employers truck can earn RM 2 million to RM 3 million per unit. On the other hand , employers still have to meet obligations in full and to pay fully operational in the next month anyway that is August .

Since the H — 5 , he made sure the entire logistics freight carrying general cargo has stopped completely . As for the shuttles that carry chemical and raw materials will continue to operate for obtaining dispensation .

Related is the operation of the truck in a number of areas on the H — 5 and H — 3 , Sugi explain trucks carrying non — basic needs that do not disturb the course of homecoming . According to him , the goods delivery occurs on a regional road traffic , for example, the Semarang — Solo , Semarang — Yogyakarta or Semarang — Rembang .

Actually, do not disturb because if regional example in Central Java , it is the people not there yet and there are not all piled up , he said in logistics conference .

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